Random pics S005

Had a pretty crappy day at the lab yesterday, didn’t get the results I wanted and I had to repeat. So to let go my frustration, instead of weeping about it, I decided to binge on pizzas.

DSC02590 DSC02593 DSC02595

Then today I was randomly browsing and saw a review recommending best 5 headphones under $200. I’m no audiophile but I don’t mind spending (within my budget) for the music quality. I used to have crappy cheapo earphones and after getting my first headphone Alessandro Grado MS1i two years ago, I never turned back. Like ever. I can’t go any below that kind of quality anymore.

Of course, for portability, I still cling onto my Sony earphones (below) which I think I’ve been wearing for 4 years? Still good although the rubber is starting to wear off.


I bought this pair as a second hand headphone. It was only a few months old and the owner sold it for cheaper price than original, so I got it, just to try out a different kind of music I’m used to listening. This pair gave me a whole new experience, which I’m glad to have discovered. It was one of those defining moments of when you start craving for that certain level of music quality.

The only downside is I can never bring this out. It’s meant to be a home equipment. So I’m looking for something more portable.

DSC02606I’m eyeing on Audio Technica M50X at the moment. It’s definitely a step up (obviously it costs more than the Alessandro) and I’m hoping for a better quality as well. Alessandro is an open headphone so I’m just curious how it feels like to have a closed one.

what better timing than this?

It was announced today at the anniversary for Morning Musume live event, yes, they’re 18 years old and can only go stronger from now, that they’re releasing a new album (finally!) on October 29th. So happy they’re dropping an album before Sayumi graduates! They also performed the first performance for TIKI BUN, their  upcoming single, according to fans’ reports, Kudo is center alongside Sayumi and Sayashi. Wow…Kudo center? I admit I never saw this day coming. But I’m glad for her.

What’s more awesome is the timing! I’ll be in Tokyo from October 27th onwards and Oct 29th is just perfect for me to waltz into any record shop and grab a copy. I’ve always envied the fans who get them earlier, I think I should be able to get a copy on Oct 28th lol…Anyways, imagine the advertisements! The billboards!!! OMG I’m sure Shibuya 109 will have a huge ass poster as well! It’s just amazing, thinking about this. Who knows, they might be promoting around the city area too so I might catch a glimpse of the crowd or the members themselves.


Those handshake events! At that usual mall they always perform…okay, calm down.

That said, this just makes my trip even more memorable that I thought it’d be.

dat ferris wheel scene!!!

Twelve is awesome beyond words.

If anything, I’d say Zankyou no Terror has one of the most unique and moving background music ever (at least for this season). I don’t know how many people actually watch this anime, it’s probably overshadowed by overrated Aldnoah Zero (which is taking everybody else by storm and I’m still trying to actually like that show). I mean, Aldnoah probably has Hiroyuki Sawano behind the show and it’s great, though not as epic as Fate/Zero.

However, Zankyou no Terror’s choice of music is just on another whole new level. It’s very western-ish but hauntingly beautiful. Episode 9 is probably the best ever.

Zankyou no Terror 09.mp4_snapshot_15.18_[2014.09.14_18.00.51]

Lisa was caught and used as bait by Five to capture Twelve. Lisa, Lisa…usually, I’d hate a weak character like her but I feel pity for her. She’s got a very mentally unstable mother who texts her every second, minute and floods her phone with mails asking her whereabouts and such, to the point that Lisa pukes in toilet whenever she sees her message pops out. It’s insane.

Finally, she escaped from her crazy mother and stumbled into Twelve and Nine who are currently the terrorists wanted by all of Japan. Getting caught up with their activities, Twelve showed affection for her and ended up always rescuing her, while Nine…Nine’s always cold as ice, he’s got a mission to complete. So let’s just talk about Twelve.

Zankyou no Terror 09.mp4_snapshot_15.34_[2014.09.14_18.01.10]

So in this episode, Twelve finds Lisa with dozens of bomb on her with a limited time. Still, even though knowing the fact he can’t save her on time, he works on it.

Zankyou no Terror 09.mp4_snapshot_15.51_[2014.09.14_18.00.39]

This is one hell of a ferris ride. I don’t think I’ll ever look at it the same way without flashing back to this scene. That music playing in the background as Twelve is defusing the bombs…the feels!Zankyou no Terror 09.mp4_snapshot_16.03_[2014.09.14_18.01.43]Geez man! My heart was thumping as I watched him carefully getting rid of the bombs, one by one. That was really intense! Yea, no spoilers so if you haven’t watched Zankyou, please do so.

On a side note, it seems fans of Tokyo Ghoul were weeping when the author decided to end the manga. Apparently, the ending was not welcomed by the fans, so more weeping I guess. Frustrations aside, I’m still enjoying the anime and haven’t finished the manga so I choose not to be spoiled. The anime is very rushed though…and I was hoping for a Season 2, looks like it’s not going to happen, judging by the speed it’s cruising by.

Tokyo Ghoul - 11 - Large 33-horzAnd yes, I’m anticipating the fight between these two siblings.

Random Pics S004

Snacking time during a Japanese lesson (self-study).

DSC02581DSC02584Upon a friend’s recommendation, I asked another friend of mine who happened to visit Kinokuniya at KLCC to grab this novel for me. Ben Affleck will star in the movie soon.



Saw these 2nd hand games selling for reasonable price so I grabbed them. I’m currently playing Sly Cooper Thieves in Time (halfway). I thought Sly is a short game but surprisingly it took more hours than Akiba’s Trip for me to finish. I’m just starting Episode 5 – Of Mice and Mechs. I was having a slightly hard time defeating that Grizz boss in the previous episode till one point where I just stopped playing for like 30 mins, then get back on it, died couple of times again and finally won. So another 2 episodes for me to complete. 



Random pics S003

I finished my first playthrough for Akiba’s Trip this morning at 3am. I drank a cup of coffee and was determined to finish it no matter what. I ignored the side missions because it took quite long so it’ll probably be impossible for me to plat this game. I don’t plan to anyways, but I’ll probably just replay for a different route and get some trophies I missed. I got Tohka’s route although I was leaning towards Shizuku at the beginning but Tohka is more approachable (she does show some interest right from the start anyway).

The opening theme for the game is nicely done and I won’t be surprised it gets an anime in the future, who knows?

Also, I decided to keep a record of my manga collection, so here goes. It’s still small but I hope to get more soon. Especially the Shingeki series.

DSC02561 DSC02574 DSC02575 DSC02576 DSC02570

random pics S002

 Received another new game, Akiba’s Trip (Undead and Undressed). It feels weird to be stripping clothes off bad guys.

DSC02518My current game collection. These will last me a while since I don’t have much time to play.DSC02551Gotta juggle between research and studying Japanese.

DSC02557Speaking of which, I thought why not try writing in Japanese once in a while.




Random pics S001

I think”ll just number the random pics series.

Anyways, just received Sly Cooper Thieves in Time (2nd hand for a good price). This is my first Sly game, I’ve never played them before. So I’m still considering whether to get the Sly Triple Collection or not. I’ll see after I play this.

DSC02506 DSC02504 DSC02499