Japan Trip Day 8 – Nikko

Nikko is approximately 125 km north of Tokyo and it’s about 543m above sea level. It was pretty chilly by evening and we did a mistake by thinking it was going to be like Tokyo’s evening weather, chilly but still bearable. Nikko is on higher grounds so it turned out to be much colder even when there’s no wind. So my two layers (a shirt and a sweater) weren’t quite enough. I was kind of shivering in the evening.

Still, it was a very pleasant trip out of the bustling city of Tokyo. It took us about 2 hrs and 30 mins by rapid train to Nikko from Asakusa station. You can opt for the limited express trains and it’ll take about 100 mins, but the price will be twice as high as rapid.

DSC05222 DSC05223 DSC05231 DSC05232DSC05234 DSC05237 DSC05238 DSC05239DSC05245 DSC05253 DSC05260 DSC05264DSC05269 DSC05270 DSC05274 DSC05281DSC05293 DSC05309 DSC05314 DSC05317DSC05322 DSC05324 DSC05328 DSC05332DSC05334 DSC05337 DSC05342 DSC05343DSC05345 DSC05350 DSC05351 DSC05375DSC05395 DSC05400 DSC05404 DSC05407DSC05408 DSC05410 DSC05421 DSC05426DSC05432 DSC05438 DSC05439 DSC05443DSC05448 DSC05455 DSC05459 DSC05483DSC05485 DSC05487 DSC05488 DSC05494DSC05496 DSC05497 DSC05520 DSC05523DSC05535 DSC05539 DSC05540 DSC05542DSC05565 DSC05568 DSC05570 DSC05577DSC05578 DSC05581 DSC05582 DSC05591DSC05597 DSC05598 DSC05599 DSC05602DSC05606 DSC05607 DSC05608 DSC05612

Japan Trip Day 7 – Ueno Park + Shibuya

Ueno Park was quite lovely but we didn’t spend much time there, just to see the famous statue and then we headed off to Shibuya, our main attraction. Later on, we headed back to Shibuya about 3-4 times again lol. Yes, that’s how much we love that place.

DSC05027DSC05030DSC05037 DSC05039 DSC05046 DSC05048 DSC05053DSC05077 DSC05079 DSC05081 DSC05084 DSC05068DSC05061  DSC05071DSC05085 DSC05086 DSC05087 DSC05090DSC05091 DSC05092 DSC05095 DSC05097DSC05105 DSC05106 DSC05108 DSC05110DSC05112 DSC05115 DSC05121 DSC05122DSC05125 DSC05126 DSC05127 DSC05131 DSC05133 DSC05136DSC05139 DSC05142 DSC05143 DSC05149DSC05151 DSC05158 DSC05161 DSC05163DSC05164 DSC05173 DSC05175 DSC05176DSC05177 DSC05180 DSC05181 DSC05185DSC05190 DSC05192 DSC05194I saw GreeeeN’s products at Don Quixote ^^ DSC05196DSC05204 DSC05206 DSC05209 DSC05210 DSC05212 DSC05214

JPop loot from Tokyo trip


I bought Morning Musume ’14′s new album, Limited A edition so it’s a digipak. Then, AKFG’s 10th anniversary concert, Chatmonchy’s new single and Kimura Kaela’s best album.
DIVA’s single was actually a present from a Japanese Twitter friend. Very nice of her!


DSC06099She gave me this photo too~


Momusu’s digipak is a sure collectible. Fans should at least try and save money and get this edition if possible because you get the booklet which features a cool photoshoot of all the current members. This is also Sayumi’s last album so this makes it even more special.

DSC06105Even if not for Ayumi’s top position on the cover of this Limited A, I would’ve gotten it anyway. But her position makes this even more irresistible for me as she’s my favorite member. DSC06106The booklet DSC06108 DSC06109DSC06110 DSC06111I’m not going to show everything. You can find scans of these if you google a bit. It’s a great booklet.DSC06112 DSC06113DSC06114pageDSC06128Went to H!P store at Akihabara and got these. This is my first time purchasing idol photos. It actually made me feel awkward but when I saw a middle aged man who paid before me spent about 10, 000 yen I was like…wow. DSC06136Kimura’s best album. I quite like the cover theme. She also used the same girl who was on the cover of her 5 years best album.DSC06101

Japan Trip – Day 6 [ Odaiba + Meguro]

We went to Odaiba across the Rainbow Bridge to see that giant Gundam.

There was a pretty huge event going on too, so there were a lot of people with costumes.

DSC04812 DSC04817 DSC04827DSC04888 DSC04836 DSC04839 DSC04840 DSC04847Human looked so little underneath this life-sized Gundam.DSC04848 Lunch inside the mall. This was really delicious too. It’s okonomiyaki with yakisoba.DSC04850 DSC04852 DSC04854Fuji Television building.DSC04859 Next, we headed to Meguro to see this temple. It was quite near the station. We also passed by HoriPro which is actress Ayase Haruka’s agency. DSC04892

Daenji templeDSC04897DSC04898 DSC04901 DSC04902 DSC04903DSC04904 DSC04909 DSC04911 DSC04913DSC04918 DSC04921 DSC04928 DSC04931DSC04943Ryusenji templeDSC04978 DSC04983 DSC04989Yebisu Garden place. Too bad they didn’t turn on the light decoration. Was slightly disappointed because that was what we intended to see.DSC04997 DSC04999 DSC05001 DSC05004Yakitori for dinner DSC05008 DSC05009

Japan Trip – Day 5 [ Harujuku + Meiji Jingu]

Went to Harujuku and it was drizzling which kind of dampened the mood. However, the area was still packed with people, each one holding umbrellas. I was expecting to see people in costumes and such but didn’t see any. I think the rain may have prevented them from coming out.

DSC04544 Yoshinoya for lunchDSC04543Costumes for sale DSC04547 Entered a shop which sells lots of idol photos. Unofficial ones of course.DSC04548 DSC04550Shop selling crepes. DSC04557 DSC04558 DSC04559Long line of people buying those LINE character plushies.  DSC04562Harujuku Station DSC04569 We walked around the place to find Johnny’s shop. My friend was curious how it looks like so we googled it up. Went inside and it was crowded with girls. After about 2 minutes, we came out. No pictures are allowed inside the shop. They seem to be very strict about it. So I didn’t bother taking even the picture of the shop from outside.

We continued to stroll around the neighbourhood.DSC04572 DSC04575 DSC04577 DSC04581 One thing that I noticed about their manholes, all of them have different designs unique to the area (I assume) and leveled with the roads. In my country, most of the manholes always somehow sink and when you drive it gets really annoying. I have not noticed a single uneven manhole in Tokyo throughout my trip.DSC04585I also noticed a lot of these cones around the city. Even personal homes? I’m beginning to wonder if cones are readily available as in are they sold for people to use?DSC04589 Strolling at the neighbourhood was good in a way that you get to see the space of their houses. I think it shouldn’t come as surprise anymore that their space is limited so they make full use of whatever they have.

I’m pretty amazed by how they park their cars in such small parking space.DSC04593Oh wouldn’t it great if you have a vending machine right in front of your house? DSC04594Just look at that tiny space in between the wall and the car. Haven’t they accidentally scratched their car yet? DSC04595DSC04596 DSC04597 DSC04598 DSC04602DSC04604 Finally we made our way slowly to Meiji Jingu.DSC04622 DSC04632 DSC04635DSC04639 DSC04645 DSC04652 DSC04653DSC04662DSC04691 DSC04695 DSC04697 DSC04671 DSC04676 DSC04678DSC04700 DSC04701 DSC04705 DSC04713DSC04738DSC04757 DSC04759 DSC04768 DSC04773 DSC04775 DSC04780 DSC04740 DSC04751At the top floor of Tower Records, there was a Batman display and figures sale going on. DSC04803 DSC04804 DSC04754

Japan Trip – Day 4 [ Tokyo Disneyland part 2]

A continuation from the previous post. Get ready for lots and lots of photos.

DSC04085 DSC04092 DSC04094 DSC04100 DSC04102 DSC04104 DSC04113 DSC04127DSC04128 DSC04133 DSC04135 DSC04140 DSC04141 DSC04143 DSC04144 DSC04149DSC04152DSC04190 DSC04193 DSC04194 DSC04204 DSC04208 DSC04153

DSC04201 DSC04209 DSC04216 DSC04222 DSC04232DSC04235 DSC04154 DSC04175 DSC04246 DSC04247 DSC04257 DSC04188DSC04261DSC04313 DSC04318 DSC04335 DSC04339DSC04349 DSC04371 DSC04378 DSC04387DSC04399 DSC04420 DSC04438 DSC04442DSC04311DSC04268DSC04286DSC04453 DSC04502The bun was so-so according to my friend who bought it.

We didn’t stay for the fireworks and such because we were exhausted by the time evening arrived and we didn’t want to miss the last train (last event was about 10pm). It’s different if you have a car waiting for you when midnight comes but taxi is going to cost so we decided to go back around 7pm. DSC04517

Back in Ikebukuro, we tried another random shop.DSC04523My first time trying a raw egg.DSC04528 DSC04530 I mixed it with this surprisingly, it tastes quite good. By the way, this cheese pork rice is the BEST I’ve ever ever tasted in my life. SO GOOD.DSC04534 DSC04535Bought a shirt because it’s the Halloween 2014 edition. DSC04542   Overall, it was a great day albeit tiring. Everyone just looked so happy and although I’ve outgrown the rides and childhood characters and such, a part of me felt like a child again.

Japan Trip – Day 4 [ Tokyo Disneyland part 1]

        I think our trip to Disneyland was a great experience in the sense that we randomly chose a day and it happened to be Friday, which was Halloween. So there was special parade just for Halloween and in conjunction with that, everyone was encouraged to dress up. Of course, me and my friend just went with normal clothes since we weren’t prepared.

But it was definitely a sight to see. Thanks to Halloween, which was surprisingly HUGE in Japan, I got to see lots of interesting costumes.

DSC03929 DSC03935 DSC03938 DSC03942 DSC03943 DSC03970 DSC03981DSC03983 DSC03984 DSC03986 DSC03988DSC03989 DSC03990 DSC03991 DSC03997DSC04000 DSC04002 DSC04018 DSC04019DSC04020 DSC04022 DSC04024 DSC04026

DSC04027 DSC04031 DSC04034 DSC04039DSC04042 DSC04043 DSC04044 DSC04045DSC04048 DSC04077 DSC04081 DSC04083 I will continue in another post ^^