Random pics S001

I think”ll just number the random pics series.

Anyways, just received Sly Cooper Thieves in Time (2nd hand for a good price). This is my first Sly game, I’ve never played them before. So I’m still considering whether to get the Sly Triple Collection or not. I’ll see after I play this.

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random pics

The return of the random pictures post.


I’ve stopped collecting figures. They can really burn more than a hole in your wallet. Besides, GoodSmile never make my favorite characters anymore. That also means I get to save money I suppose.

These Quaker cookies are really nice.


I’ve decided to take the JLPT exam this December. Initially, I planned to register for the one in July but then I got kind of busy with my research. But now I’m going to make a timetable and try to stick to it. Time for some discipline and instead of procrastinating my night time away (in between watching drama/movies/anime), I’m going to study Japanese while I can. Got lots to catch up. I won’t be too ambitious so I’m taking the N4 level.


And like I mentioned, I finished playing Killzone. While I’ll never be able to plat it, I just feel satisfied enough to finish the missions. Found a buyer, so be good to your new master :)DSC02472

I’m waiting for Sly Cooper and Borderlands 2 to arrive. Will have new games to play this weekend ^^

no right or wrong in Walking Dead

Now I’ve never watched the show, I heard people raving about it but never got around to sit down and watch it. However, having played the game (on vita) just recently, I decided to find the series and probably will give it a go once I have enough time.

DSC02413The game, it didn’t blow me away like when I first played Uncharted but little by little, I get so engrossed with the story, the characters and the little things that matter. Although the choices don’t affect the main plot much, I like it that they still gave you choices and there it makes you think which one’s best.

After finishing the game yesterday night, I figured out there’s no best answer or right and wrong in Walking Dead. You just gotta do what you gotta do at that particular moment, place and situation, whatever it is. I came into this game not expecting anything, just wanna try a new game since I haven’t touched my vita for months. Next thing I knew, this is probably my favorite vita game so far (with Uncharted close behind).


I’ve never been touched so much by a game before. Never! But I shed a tear last night during the final scene where Clem had to shoot Lee, who was bitten. Ahh…I’ll miss playing as Lee but I’m also excited to play Clem in Season 2.


The Walking Dead

Two nights ago, I finally finished Killzone Mercenary. Despite the fact that I got killed multiple times and the worst part was when I was fighting the last boss, I forgot the controls for running. I put the game off for months and didn’t touch my vita, hence I forgot some of the controls. It’s actually very odd anyway, for running. You need to tap the back touchpad and hold on to it. It’s not very comfortable and inconsistent. But anyways, I’m done with it! I probably will replay some missions just to sweep more trophies I’ve missed.

I got a quite good deal for The Walking Dead game. I’ve been eyeing for someone to let it go for quite some time. I got it for a reasonable price so I’m glad. Gonna give it a go tonight with the lights off. Maybe a few gasps and screams I don’t know lol… we’ll see.

DSC02391I’m also looking for these games:
Akiba’s Trip
Borderlands 2
Child of Play
Lego Movie Videogame

Hopefully, people will start selling them off for lower price ^^

New JPOP site!!!

If any of you have been following this blog for JPOP stuffs, I’ve something to announce. I decided to create a brand new site just for JPOP reviews and updates.

Ritsu no JPop Land

It’s starting to get a bit messy over here with too many things cramped together. Time for some management. I’ve just transferred most of the reviews that I’ve done here to the new site. Weekly updates will also be there from next week onwards. So I hope things will look more organized. See you at the new site!

FLiP – XX Emotion [review]

Very very exciting week so far. I’m not just talking about the releases but also new bands that will very well make it into my list. Most of them are not new per se, I just discovered them so they’re new to me. I was browsing through the list of releases at my Jpop source site and randomly saw FLiP’s digital single Madonna. So I YT it and what a pleasant find. *Yuumi (drummer) looks like some halfie chick, the one with short hair in the cover below.


FLiP is Japanese female band from Okinawa who debuted back in year 2005. O_O Yes, I can’t believe I only found them! But the good thing is, I have an entire list of discography to listen to now. I only have XX Emotion (2012) at the moment so I thought why not review this? I read that 1st studio album Michi Evolution (2011) seems to be fan-favorite with claims of being better than this so I’ll give that a listen and do a comparison once I get my hands on it.


The album boasts 13 tracks. First track, CHERRY BOMB opens loud and these girls know what they’re doing. Vocalist Sachiko is great and has a very strong voice. I like the echoes effect and the heavy instruments. The whole thing sounds like mix of punk and grunge-like music. I’m already quite impressed at this state.

Walther is similar to CHERRY BOMB and although I’m skeptical during the verses, I’m sold by the time the chorus comes in. But Emimoa is definitely one of a kind. I absolutely love this! So damn catchy! Completely blown away by the chorus and the hooks! Everything’s so perfect in this uptempo track. Some parts remind me of Paramore’s sound. Single Wonderland is pure pop/rock fun. Some English lyrics can be heard. That guitar solo in the bridge, what the?!

The first quarter of the album is just amazing fun, appealing and proves these girls can definitely rock out with no resistance. So it’s about time to see whether they can handle slower tunes. Everything is alright is a midtempo track and though it’s not a ballad, it definitely is slower and I think we need that after a speedy ride. Chorus goes like “missing you, missing you, maybe you’re right, everything is alright”. I actually like this a lot especially when the guitar solo comes in the bridge. Although the title is in a positive light, the sound is bittersweet too, making the whole balance just great.

So the girls decided not to slow down yet. YUKEMURI DJ showcases some vocal distortion (most probably to reference the title DJ itself) but maybe some electronic elements would’ve been nice. That La la tat la la part is definitely catchy and probably will get stuck for a while. Saigo no Bansan and Konya Tsuki de Aimashou sound mediocre and don’t seem to live up to the first four tracks but the chorus “What do you want, by the way?” is stuck in my head by the time it ended. Shut Up, Men is kind of similar but it’s not as memorable. Midtempo Hoshii Mono wa is back with catchy melody. By now I know I’m not going to be disappointed by any guitar riffs or solos in FLiP’s songs. Like, out of all the tracks so far, I’ve yet to be disappointed by them. Demo Maybe is very nice too. The songs at the end start to seem bit samey so they end up not as memorable as the first half of the album.

The whole album is cohesive but if I were to gripe, I’d say it lacks slower tracks. Everything seems to be moving too fast and no brake. I think I’d love to hear some rock ballads. That way, it’d be more balanced. But the strength of this album is it’s full of very melodious guitar solos and superbly energetic, very in-your-face music. The vocalist is so sonfidently strong too I didn’t think I heard any parts where she faltered at all.

Highlights: Emimoa, Everything is alright, Demo Maybe, Wonderland, Hoshii Mono wa

Score: 8/10Why is this band not as famous as they should be?!


tricot – Break [single review]

tricot is back with a brand new single, Break. Their drummer, komaki left around March this year so the band’s back to the original 3 members – Motoko “Motifour” Kida, Hiromi “Hirohiro” Sagane and Ikkyu Nakajima. Based on the music video for Break, it doesn’t look like they’ve found a new drummer. Well, they should take their time because being a member means commitment and nobody wants a random person to join the band and then leave again right?


A while back, tricot posted on their FB to ask fans to send in videos of them tearing pieces of paper which they’ve written things they hate or suffer from. I like this idea. It actually worked very well for the self-directed video. I notice a lot of apathy and the random baby tearing the paper with ‘diaper’ written on it is really funny. I also like the end of the video when the girls properly picked up the pieces of paper and threw them away.

Break has an infectious melody and I can’t help but get attracted by the bass in the background. It’s not the typical generic pop/rock music so you don’t get tired of it easily. How should I say this? It’s unpredictable. The B-side After School is a much stronger track in comparison. I love the lead’s vocal in this, absolutely amazing. Her raw voice just pulls you in immediately from the beginning. Towards the end, liberation at its best when her voice cracks (in a good way), I can almost feel tears bursting from my eye T_T. Musically, this midtempo track is catchy as hell. Overall, a solid release.