JPOP update

Haven’t been up to date for the last 2 weeks. Nothing much catches my attention except a few. Let’s see, my favourite release has got to be none other than ONE OK ROCK‘s Might Long Fall single.


Might Long Fall serves as the theme song for the upcoming Rurouni Kenshin sequel Kyoto Inferno.

Great video, great music from a great band. Love it. Of course, nothing beats The Beginning but I like this style too. So if they continue with this electronic infused kind of rock, I’m all up for it. Their coupling B-side, Decision actually reminds me of The Script, One Republic and The Fray.

Pieces of Me is the third and final song in the single. It’s okay on its own actually but because Mighty Long Fall is so good this kind of stales in comparison. The overall sound is very Westernized, very Western pop/rock/punk.

AKB48 will release their 37th Election single in August. I have literally given up on ever hearing actual quality song from AKB48 since uh…a year ago. Everything they’ve released over the past year, I can’t help but see it as just milking away fans’ money. I’m utterly disappointed. The main election single song is Kokoro no Placard with Watanabe Mayu as the center. Seriously, when will Aki-P get his shit right. He obviously tried to repeat the success of last year’s Koisuru Fortune Cookie, I’m sure the sales will shoot off the roof again since it’s an election single but this is just…bad.

On the other hand, the sister group SKE48 is releasing a new single too called Bukiyou Taiyou.
Full music video here.—Bukiyou-Taiyou-%2528Full-PV%2529/602acc9096d34a908e09bbf862a769ad

It’s a slower, melancholic track and I suppose it’s somewhat more suited for autumn because everyone’s expecting a more upbeat single for summer. However, as long as they’re done the right way with the right feel, I don’t mind what they give us. Well, at least this is TONS better than that pathetic Placard song, no offense to Mayuyu’s fans or anybody else. Not her fault to be given such a lousy track.


Ieiri Leo‘s new single, Junjo serves as the ending theme song for the anime “Dragon Ball Kai”. In the first preview about a month ago, I wasn’t feeling this song but I guess they always say that sometimes, a short preview of 1 min plus just don’t do justice for certain tracks. Guess this is true for this one. I actually like this better now that I listen to it in full.

Watch the full music video here.—Junjou/863841e1cc17fa868e6e28be0d40ca0c

The coupling track, For you is worth a mention too. Very nice laidback ballad.

Okay that’s all for now, I think there are still few releases I need time to listen to and sink in.

Shopping haul

So today is Raya and since I was bored this morning, I decided to hit the city. I rarely go to Pavilion or Bukit Bintang area because I hate the crowd. I think I have some phobia being in a crowded place. I just feel uncomfy having contact with strangers, especially in the train. God, what a nightmare this morning!

There were lots of Banglas. No offense to them, I know they have rights to have holiday too since it’s a public holiday, they’re free to roam the city. My only problem was that they entered the ladies’ coach as well. They even occupied the seats. OMG it was like, I know it was super crowded and I usually don’t mind them coming into the ladies coach once in a while but the seats. If you’re a real guy, you’d stand up and offer the older ladies to sit. But no. They sat the entire way. I vowed to myself to never ride in the KTM anymore during public holidays. No more.

Well as soon as I reached KL Central, thank goodness finally I could breathe !!!

Took the monorail, which luckily wasn’t crowded and headed to Bukit Bintang. At Pavilion, I wanted to snap some pictures but yeah…I was forgetful enough to put my SD card which was still stuck in my laptop last night. I totally facepalmed at my own carelessness then. But oh well…so I just kept my camera in my backpack the entire time. No pictures. I saw a corner at the entrance where you can write messages for the victims of MH17. I saw one at Midvalley too.

So shopping haul. I wanted to get a sweater at Pull & Bear but since it’s summer now, everything’s very uh…summerish. No luck.

Bought 3 items at Esprit and got 20% discount from the total so that was nice. DSC02356Another checkered shirt to my collection ^^


Found another pants that is really nice. Happy!DSC02358DSC02363DSC02366Got a red shirt too ^^


Superdry is a British company that adopts Japanese fashion/culture. I think I heard someone said the shop is non-existent in Japan itself lol. A lot of people mistook Superdry and thought it is affiliated with the Asahi beer. DSC02311 I gave up on Swatch watches because I couldn’t find any design that I liked and the right size. DSC02312 So I settled with Superdry Scuba watch. I don’t get why it’s called Scuba because it says in the warranty, it’s not meant for Scuba diving duhhh…Plus, you’re not supposed to go diving with this watch. Irony much??DSC02315 They have lots of colours – Black, white, Orange, Pink, Blue..I’ll just borrow this picture to show the different colours.

Scuba Collection (2)

DSC02324The store guy helped me to remove 3 segments because it was large.  DSC02337

It fit just nice after that.DSC02339 Obviously it is heavier that my current Swatch but something I’m sure I can get used to after a while.DSC02343The White was enticing but I figured it’d get dirty real quick or turn yellow just like how my previous all white Swatch did. DSC02345 DSC02348 I love the pouch. It’s actually pretty handy to put small stuffs and hang around your belt or bag especially when traveling xDDDSC02351


Went to Midvalley, KL for a stroll yesterday (Saturday). Was looking for a quiet place to sit and enjoy brunch and thought of going for McMuffin at McDonald’s. It was full like, literally. I don’t think I saw any empty seats at all. Even though it’s still Puasa (fasting month), there were lots of other races with their kids and family. I saw a lot walking out from the Cititel hotel direction as well. Obviously, a lot of family bring their kids for holiday this festive season.

So I walked over to the Gardens hoping for a peaceful brunch and DOME caught my attention. Seeing I was hungry already and my tummy was making noise, I decided to just have it there.


Ordered a regular latte and the Sausage and egg breakfast.DSC02295Obviously, these cost me a bomb (RM34). In exchange, you get a very peaceful environment. There were only a few customers, I saw two families and a few with their friends. This meal lasted me till a 7pm light dinner though.  DSC02297

Was hoping to get Swatch wristwatch but the ones I wanted are huge (42mm width). I tried them on and I don’t know, they look humongous on my small wrist. Or maybe I’m not used to wearing huge watches. So that didn’t work out.

Went to Superdry store to try the Windcheater jacket. It looked nice but the only thing that annoyed me was the neck part. It was unusually high and I suppose for those with shorter necks, this will feel suffocating. I gave up on this as well even though I was ready to spend like RM 490++ for this, only if it fits perfectly. Looks like I saved my money then.


Searched for short khaki pants as well. I wish they have Size -2 or something because US size 0 is still a bit loose but looks fine otherwise. Damage for this RM169. I’m the type that wouldn’t mind spending the $ if I found something I like and fits me well. Of course, it really depends on how desperate I am too. For example, I only have 2 short pants at the moment, one is having its colour fading away fast (think I’ve worn this for 4-5 years?) and another which I rarely wear. Getting another which will probably last me another 5 years won’t hurt with this price, imo. DSC02303

I initially wanted to visit Pavilion, KL as well today but decided against it. I have some work to do in the lab and thought I should get that done first. I was really tired from yesterday’s outing too (I don’t know, maybe because I haven’t walked so much in such a long time), came back exhausted and the weather was really hot too. I napped for a while and had Nissin Cheese Curry Cup Noodle for dinner. Shojikiya was clearing their stocks because the expiry date is approaching (November 2014). Buy 2 and get discount. I grabbed two of those. They’re super tasty.

Anyways, if I have the energy to go Pavilion tomorrow (1st day of Raya), I might. Though…I’m also worried if I might spend too much lol. Thinking of going to Pull & Bear to survey the sweatshirts or jackets.



I don’t usually get excited for Fridays. But this week though is slightly different. I get a bit of a holiday mood going on as well, as I watch most of the people around me ‘balik kampung’ or in other words, traveling back to their hometown because it’s going to be Hari Raya Aidilfitri next Monday. Everybody’s taking the opportunity to enjoy their weekend holidays and most probably the whole week. In some ways, I love it here because we get different holidays for different cultures, so even though we don’t particularly celebrate a certain event, we’re still able to enjoy the public holidays xD

Last night after badminton, I accompanied a friend to her lab to get some work done and we decided to get some supper.


I got a brownie and hot chocolate. Definitely a cheaper alternative to Starbucks which would cost double the price.


Received some items from my senior who helped to order these. I’m preparing for a trip this October so I need extra batteries. Unlike DSLR battery, these mirrorless cameras take up so much juice and so they finish faster. I hope 2 extra batteries (third party) and the original Sony will serve me well.


Got a blower too for the lens and the filter.

random pics #6


Tried some black and white feature today. I rarely use it but since the lighting in my room can be quite annoying to deal with, this feature comes in handy.

Drank my last Hershey’s Choco milk, my first impression of it was “a bit too sweet” but overtime, I got used to it. DSC02266

Dug some of the souvenirs from Bangkok vacation few years back. I’ve been meaning to give these for friends but it was either I didn’t have time to meet up or I forgot to.

This particular blue one was my favourite, I used it on my backpack but the holder slipped off one day. Been keeping it in my drawer since then.I think it’s a cow, some friends mistook it for a dog.

DSC02269This is supposed to be a dog right? Those huge buttons or eyes are actually really cute and only after I took this picture, I realized how they stood out a lot.

DSC02270Lastly, the elephant.



So last night, I was wondering whether there are any recent Hindi movies that I’ve missed lately. I actually watched quite a lot of Hindi or Bollywood movies when I was little, my favs are are the Khans – Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan.Besides them, I like Ajay Devgn a lot too. So I began researching for a bit and found that Ajay’s new movie, Singham Returns will be out this coming August.


Since he’s reprising this role called Singham, I decided to watch the first movie, released in 2011. I actually quite like it. It’s a mix of action and comedy but there’s also some drama. Ultimately, it’s about Bajirou Singham, an Inspector in Goa and how he fights the corrupted higher ups. I love the fact that he beat their asses up which I feel they deserved it anyways. So although I don’t think violence is answer, sometimes, only violence can teach those bad guys.

Throughout the whole movie, I really really really feel Ajay Devgn or uhhh Singham is soooo KAKKOI!!! Literally all my mind was thinking the whole time >.< I mean, that body!

I don’t wanna compare between Ajay and Shah Rukh Khan…like so many others do. IMO, I think they both have their own expertise. Ajay is definitely more suited for action movies than SRK who is more associated with romantic roles. Anyways, I’m sooo looking forward to Singham Returns. Here’s the trailer xDD I wonder why the actress in Singham didn’t come back for this sequel, instead they asked Kareena Kapoor for the role. Oh well.

Random pics #5

Took my sony a6000 to university today. I haven’t been shooting for a while. So I thought maybe I can just shoot random stuffs.


Wore New Balance to lab today.

As I strolled around the floors, I saw this on a notice board.DSC02223

If you look closely, these flies are still alive and breeding inside the tubes.DSC02226 DSC02233 DSC02237

DSC02253 DSC02258