Random pics S018

A while back, I ordered some stickers from Redbubble, an online store that offers great selection of stuffs – stickers, graphic shirts, posters, cards, wall art decor etc. I was particularly attracted by the anime stickers so I grabbed some. Basically, I wanted to decorate my laptop xD

DSC06446 Still don’t know where to stick the Totoro and Forest Spirit (Princess Mononoke). I’ll set them aside first. As for Pikachu and Tokyo Ghoul, they’re right on the keyboard area.

DSC06428 DSC06434The S symbol represents SCANDAL, the Japanese band. Catbus joined the cover as well. Might add more soon but I try not to cramp too much yet.


Doraemon’s TouchNGo card is my sister’s. Since there’s no toll and trains in hometown, she asked me to finish up the leftovers in it here and well, give her back the card for collection :)


Random pics S017

Sis and her family went on a Taiwan trip and stopped by KL for 2 nights. So I went to meet up with them for the day. Nephew is growing up really fast and talks a lot now too. Mum asked to get her Marks & Spencer tea bags.

DSC06411Sis picked a jam for her too. No idea what it’ll taste like but let’s just hope for the best xD

DSC06417Doraemon cake thingy from Taiwan.


Finally found myself a pair of sandals. Been wanting something like this.

DSC06391 DSC06392DSC06395 DSC06404And these were just from a meal, couple of weeks ago at Manhattan’s Fish Market.

DSC06378 DSC06377Fattening!

But there’s always gym to shed off some of those extra calories xD

I do miss snapping photos. It’s been a while. The thing is, I’m not really going anywhere lately so there’s nothing much to capture.

Avril, you need to stop giving away songs (on hindsight, it may be for the better?)

Fun facts!

1. Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson’s hit song, was originally co-written by Avril and she actually had the demo floating around, which she recorded in year 2000. It only came to surface after like a decade…no, 15 years? That sure took long enough. Here’s a radio interview from year 2013 when she was asked about it.

“I wasn’t feeling it” was her reason. She did mention in an earlier interview that she thought it sounded like a church song haha

**Lol she couldn’t even remember how the song goes and the lyrics but did mention Kelly did a great job with it and that she feels proud everytime it’s on the radio.

Like Avril mentioned above, there was a demo and she “probably sounded like an a**” LOL she’s right. But since it was only a demo version, I didn’t expect much. It was clearly unfurnished and her vocals back then probably wouldn’t work on this song as opposed to now. Here’s her demo of Breakaway. Personally, of course I prefer Kelly’s polished version over the rusty demo. So either way, I don’t mind really and I think it’s a nice added trivia that Avril had a hand in writing the lyrics because it did sound like her.

2. Leona Lewis’ I Will Be was also co-written by Avril. For this track, we have a finished version from Avril which she released as a bonus track I think. This was of course, after Leona released hers and it became quite a hit for her, I remember liking it a lot. Now for this, I prefer Avril’s. Although Leona has the advantage of superior vocal compared to Avril, I just feel more emotion from Avril. But then again, they both did a great job.

3. Daydream, the lost track from Under My Skin (her second album). I recalled during the time, she posted teasers of two songs – Daydream and Don’t Tell Me for fans to choose which for the first single, or something like that. That was the first time we heard Daydream, or only a part of it, sadly. The full song was never revealed, we’re not even sure whether Avril ever recorded the full thing but here’s the snippet.

The route of this song:
Avril —> Demi Levato (she performed it live but never recorded I think) —> Miranda Cosgrove finally recorded it.
Personally I wish Avril had kept this as her own. I prefer Avril’s version because her vocals had the edginess to carry out the pop/rock tune.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/Uzt3eWvqeek” target=”_blank”>Miranda’s version

Sometimes it makes you wonder how many songs in the music industry that get passed around you know. Like…they may be a hit for someone but if you dig deeper, you might be surprised by the originals.

I’d buy Avril Lavigne’s country album if she ever releases one and here’s why

Basically, the title says all xD
Avril was never associated with country music much since she’s more of a pop/rock singer and you’re probably thinking that’s impossible to even imagine her singing a folk or country song. If I haven’t been a fan of hers for 12 years and counting, I wouldn’t believe it either.

Originally, her label was planning to get her down the country route but LA Reid (who signed her) decided to let her choose on her own. Eventually, Avril decided to go for pop/rock instead of country, used a year to finally find her sound/direction and so she ended up where she is now.

Since I’ve listened to very few and rare lives of her covering country songs in her earlier days, I really wouldn’t mind if she did a mini album or released one country song just for fun. She has the voice for it! She started out performing country songs and singing church gospels (I assume since she said she sang a lot in churches) when she was young and let’s not forget when she was probably 14 years old, she won a contest and sang together with Shania Twain onstage.

Anyways, here’s just a few examples of why I came to this conclusion. Well, obviously, she’s never going to release anything country (talk about heading to Taylor’s direction when she’s abandoning it haha nahhh joking). She did mention she wants to release a Christmas album though so my fingers are crossed that we might be graced with an Avril Christmas album this year!  And hopefully, a new album next year xD

Avril Lavigne – You Were Mine (By Dixie Chicks)
Avril Lavigne – Kiss Me (By Sixpence None The Richer)
Avril Lavigne – No one Needs To Know (By Shania Twain)

Sometimes I kinda miss how she sounded back then. There was some sort of youthful smooth innocent tone to it. She sounds more mature nowadays but still maintained that clear crystal voice that I love so much, as do her fans.

Here’s a full version of her rendition of You Were Mine by Dixie Chicks

Adia – Sarah McLahlan cover (live at Roxy Theater 2007)

A really old footage of her singing country songs (my guess is she was around 15-16, before her debut). Not the best quality, you’ll probably only hear music from the left. But man, I really would love her to cover Leann Rimes’ How do I live?

*** Is it just me or she looked a bit like Hilary Swank/Kristen Stewart in that bandana at the end of the footage? haha

Here’s one from her self-titled that she almost went country with. She wrote this herself and produced by Chad Kroeger.

So yeah, I can’t stop wondering now if she went down the country route back during her debut. She’d do great too in singing country because she obviously has the sound for it, but I’m also glad she didn’t. I think she was more of a pop/rock person at heart, but occasionally would tone down with slower songs (like Falling Fast etc). I bet she has written more of these slower songs, it’s just a matter of whether she’ll ever release it or not. So yeah, if she ever releases a country album, I’d sooooo buy it because I know it’s not going to disappoint and it’d showcase her vocals in a different way.

Avril Lavigne – Nostalgic / Feel Good songs

Continuing from the categories that I’ve covered so far:
Power Ballads/Slow acoustics
Angry/Dark songs

Here’s one for the Nostalgic and feel good ones. It’ll follow the same format as the rest, my thoughts will be in italic and I’ll pick some opinions from popjustice as well.

Rolling-Stones-Photoshoot-2002-avril-lavigne-32336351-651-799NOSTALGIC LEVEL 5/5

  1. Complicated (Let Go)
    (I didn’t put this in the Angry songs or Bratty ones because I feel like it should belong to this group. Just pure nostalgia. It brings me back to year 2002 where it all began. I truly adore this song over the years, I remember listening to it tons of times, either on radio or to sleep. It cemented my love for pop/rock music, it made me discover my fondness for this type of genre. Basically, it shaped my teen life and musical interest.)

-“the reason I went out and bought the album. Sounds a bit dated now but I love it”
-“where it all truly started and took off for her, absolute classic”
-“It’s been a very long time since I’ve heard this and I forgot how AMAZING it is. It gives me nostalgia but I still wasn’t quite expecting it to be this good after not hearing it for so long”
-“Life’s like this, that’s the way it is” – let’s face it, only Avril could ever deliver this lyric and make it sound like a Socrates-level pearl of wisdom”
-“Still a killer melody after all these years. I remember being knocked out by this and recording it onto a tape straight from the radio, before I had access to the family computer and got my ass on Kazaa. What a fuckin’ song”
-“This is going to live on forever as her true classic”

(OMG I remember sitting in front of the radio and when this song came up, this was before I bought the album, I actually did the same thing as that person above, recorded this straight out of the radio!)


  1. Sk8er Boi (Let Go)
    (I like that this song’s literally a MINI STORY you know what I mean, and she did it effortlessly (of course, with the help of other co-writers). The video is fun and it’s truly Avril-style. And I liked that they keep painting this troubled-kid with the cops in her music videos lol. Back to the lyrics, you can literally imagine Avril smirking with pride at the end of it lol)

-I love me some bratty music and this definitely is. And ah, those unnecessary record scratch sound effects. No early 2000s album was complete without them”
-“This song pretty much sums up the early 2000s to me. I still know all the lyrics to this. It’s kind of a mess but it’s still an undeniable jam at the same time”
-“Okay, so when this ISN’T being played it’s kind of easy to nail it down as a cheap relic to a forgotten past, but it’s essentially the punk sister to Britney’s first few steps. It’s an absolute pop masterpiece and really highlights how artists like Avril got off on SUCH a good start – it was because they launched with tracks like this that cement them in history with the DEBUT. Incredible.”


  1. I’m With You (Let Go)
    (Yeah I already covered this song in the Power Ballads section, but it needs to be here too. The fact that it remains as Avril’s favourite songs to perform live, her reasoning being it has high notes at the end and considers it as her real ballad. Yassss, I also think none of her other ballads come close to this)

-Perfect song, beautiful vocals and lyrics
-Fucking incredible – this should have been #1 for weeks and weeks. An immense chorus backed up with gorgeously icy vocals, there’s nothing imperfect about this gem
– Perfect. Literally perfect. She sounds brilliant, lyrics that really can be applied to anyone of any age and I feel that is the path Avril should go down. It’s cool and authentic enough but with a lovely pop sheen on it. The “yeah-yeah” part is the obvious highlight.
– This song is a stunning masterpiece from start to finish and it really set the bar high for Avril ballads
– Utterly timeless. I really think, and I’ve said this for a long time, Taylor Swift has taken a lot of notes from Avril Lavigne and this definitely sticks out to me as another. Such a powerful ballad that it transcends even the pop-hipster barrier and everybody seems to love it, howling along. Monumental. (except I don’t think Taylor has any ballads like IWY?)
– The holy grail of Avril ballads. It’s amazing how many other ones have me like, “Why isn’t this as good as ‘I’m With You’?
Avril-Lavigne-2002-emmett-15443375-1500-1227NOSTALGIC LEVEL 4/5

As you should’ve have guessed by now, most of these songs will be from her debut Let Go because it’s just really nostalgic for me, in many ways. Also the fact that most of these songs sound like they’re straight out from a teenager’s diary!

1. Things I’ll Never Say (Let Go)

(Shy Avril making a rare appearance in this song. She’s always been bold and loud in other songs but this one is just cute because she’s talking about having a crush but not quite knowing how to express her love. It’s actually a very sweet song and I used to sing along to it back in the days xD The lyrics are so honest and speaks the minds of a teenager –“ I’m tugging at my hair, I’m pulling at my clothes, I’m trying to keep my cool, I know it shows, I’m staring at my feet, I’m searching for the words inside my head” and “What’s wrong with my tongue, these words keep slipping away, I stutter, I stumble, like I’ve got nothing to say” )

-song sounds quite a bit like “The Cranberries or The Corrs”
-“lyrical highlight on Let Go, starting off really simple and settling into that poppy chorus”
-“whimsical and autobiographical”

  1. Anything But Ordinary (Let Go)
    (This song really spoke out to me at that time. They resemble my inner thoughts in so many different ways. I can totally relate. I actually learned new vocabulary from this song too! Opulent and Succulent!)

    -“Somebody rip my heart out! And leave me here to bleed.”
    -“the intro to this is incredible. This is very mature lyrically and the chorus is magic. The perfection representation of Avril at the time”3.

    3. My World (Let Go)

(“Never wore cover-up, always beat the boys out, grew up in a 5 thousand population town. Made my money by cutting grass, got fired by fried chicken ass, all in a small town, Napanee”
“I never spend less than an hour washing my hair in the shower, it always takes 5 hours to make it straight, so I’ll braid it in a zillion braids, though it may take a friggin’ day” Lyrically genius if you ask me. I admit I learned to use the word friggin’ from Avril’s songs)

– “I swear it must be the fact it reminds me of my childhood”
– “a joy from start to finish. I’m usually a fan of Avril’s rockier, louder moments but I love this in all its lightness and flippant lyrics about her hair”

4. 17 (Avril Lavigne)
(I like how she reminisced her 17-year old self and the part about ‘breaking rules and running red lights’, yes pretty reckless but hey, even I have run red lights before hehe)

– “beautiful and sincere”
-“so carefree and brilliant!”
-“associate being 17 with any of the things she’s singing about and somehow it’s still so relatable. It paints a picture of the most American (or Canadian, I guess) 17-year-old experience.”
-One of her better nostalgic tracks”
-“How does one give adequete praise to a literal masterpiece? Comparison, of course. This is her very own ‘Teenage Dream’ – a wistful call to a happier time. Taking lyricism queues from the storytelling master Taylor Swift, Avril invokes this young fantasy. My god, this is her best track. If my children ever ask me who Avril Lavigne was, I’ll play them this song… or maybe I will wait until they’re older and they can resonate with the pull of wanting to be a teenager again the way this song does. PERFECTION”

Avril Lavigne - Here's to Never Growing Up.mp4_snapshot_02.30_[2015.05.09_23.27.01]

5. Here’s To Never Growing Up (Avril Lavigne)
(Mixed feelings about it being a single. If anything, I love that she pays homage to her Complicated look in the music video which is literally the best thing in the whole video. The moment she cruised down the hallway with her skateboard, wearing that iconic tie, white singlet and black pants, it just evoked so many memories. So yes, even though I preferred Rock N Roll as the lead single, this is still a good song from Avril. It’s literally her, all and all. She also doesn’t seem to age at all in the past decade so this song is just perfect in that sense)

– “typical Avril”
-“I can understand this is supposed to be a celebration of being young or whatever, but seriously… Nothing about this is appealing to me. I still don’t know how it goes actually… And Avril, sis… What Radiohead song are you going to sing at the top of your lungs, huh?”
-“perfect lead single – a mission statement for the album’s bittersweet, reflective, hopeful and defiant spirit

Avril Lavigne - Here's to Never Growing Up.mp4_snapshot_02.41_[2015.05.09_23.27.20]
Time for feel good songs~


  1. Rock N Roll (Avril Lavigne)

-What an anthem. This should have been proof enough that Avril deserves to be around in this landscape. Nobody does this like her.
-Don’t we all just want to be like Avril at heart, 28 and singing about refusing to conform to societal norms expected from a person of her age?
-It’s so loud and huge and fun! And even if this weren’t already an amazing and perfect song”
-I love this song, a true return to form and catchy as hell
-This is great balance between the old pop-rock Avril and the new pop Avril. Her voice sounds great in this one. I like the throwback to Girlfriend with ‘motherfuckin princess
-The song takes no prisoners, doesn’t apologize and is completely in your face, the chanting in the chorus is a ballsy move and one that pays dividends.

(I love this song more than Here’s To Never Growing Up. I also believe this should’ve been first single because this, this is truly amazing. That chorus! The way it just slams down to the ground from the highs! A great anthemic song at its best. I know it’s slightly bad to say this but I like that ‘just put up the middle finger to the sky’ line a lot. It can come across as childish but that’s the rebellious Avril I like right from the start of her career. Just say it like a normal person would without beating around the bush. Straight to the point! I also like the addition of a guitar solo during the bridge, which is kind of rare in Avril’s songs and it has been something I always wished she would incorporate so I’m glad they did)

Avril Lavigne - Smile.mp4_snapshot_00.06_[2015.05.09_22.53.47]

  1. Smile (Goodbye Lullaby)

-This electric guitar-driven power pop anthem packs so much punch in the chorus, which when combined with bratty Avril galore make for fireworks! When “And that’s whyyyyyyyyyyyy” drops, if you aren’t bopping then someone needs to check your pulse to see if you are still alive
-“the verses are a mess but the absolutely incredible chorus makes it amazing”
-“rare non power ballad 10. Although in reality this is just a dressed up power ballad, if anyone gives this less than an 8 they have no soul, the chorus is literally unreal”
-“great track that really makes me smile”

(Can’t argue with the chorus to be honest. The way it explodes, literally lit me up! The video is nice to watch too, Avril’s smiles is one of the most beautiful things everrr)

  1. Bitchin’ Summer (Avril Lavigne)

(Let it be known this is my 2nd favourite album track in ‘Avril Lavigne’. I LOVE the quiet guitar intro, so catchy. “I’ll pick you up at the liquor store, hurry up we can fit one more” THIS LINE. I just can’t at how true this reflects my school/uni life where we’d carpool, minus the liquor. I also like the rap during the bridge, I don’t care whether she knows how to rap or not according to some purists. I’m having a hard time whether to put this under Nostalgic or Feel Good, on one hand, it reminds me of my teenage life, but I guess it’s more of a feel good song that’s a bit nostalgic)

-“Avril displays limitless bounds of infectious optimism as she hurtles through her late twenties with both youthful spirit and the benefit of hindsight on her side. Add in lilting guitars and a shockingly flaw-free rapped middle eight, and we have a highly effective riposte to society’s hang-ups about ‘acting your age’ ”
-“sweet summer jam”
-“Am I giving a song with Avril Lavigne rapping the middle 8 a 10? Hell yeah I am! Ri-ri-right near the beach, the party don’t stop!”
-: “Great summer song that takes me back to my own schooldays”

  1. Runaway (The Best Damn Thing)

(Oh, how I love this track here. This song is hella underrated. I remember attending her concert and when she started playing drums while singing this, the crowd weren’t joining in the fun (most probably because they didn’t know this song even existed or they were plain boring people) except for me, I literally wanted to yell at the top of my lungs to the chorus! The guitar jam during the chorus is so good, middle 8 even better. Best if put at the loudest volume)

-“solid jam”
-The chorus is so carefree.
-“a low key fav of mine. That chorus!”
-“missed single opportunity, I love the rapid speed of the chorus”
-“hands down the best up-tempo on the album. It’s not too bratty but it’s fun. Well done! Now why wasn’t this a single?”
-“Haven’t we all been there, sistren? One of my favourites on the album. Her half-arsed delivery in the verses and manic sounding chorus are what makes the song and the ad-libs at the end are fantastic. And if you’re wondering: I always do an attempt at singing the “YEEAAHH-YYEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH”-bit in the car. Believe me: ain’t nobody wanting to sit in there with me when that happens…”


  1. Nobody’s Fool (Let Go)
    (The fact that this song features Avril in her first rapping session, I can not ignore it! So even though they’re cringe-worthy, I still like it for what it is – “I’m not the milk and cheerios in your spoon” Oh my goddd those lyrics lol)-“the spoken verses stop me from giving this full marks but the chorus and production more than make up for it.
    -I’m also not blown away by the talking verses, but the chorus comes at you with a couple rounds of velvety smooth sound.
    -“The talking/rapping is just not cool and proper cringe”
  2. Hot (The Best Damn Thing)
    (Not a song I’d play on repeat. The chorus though is quite amazing and considering all the high notes in this song, it’s quite good, if I were to pick, the middle 8 showcased one of her most brilliant vocals ever)

-“Love Love Love, she looked so HOT in the video too!”
-“Avril is very, very good at making use of big choruses.”
-“Probably one of the best pop songs, like, ever. That middle-8 slays careers as well. Bye, Katy!”
-“Great love song. I love how they kind of chopped the chorus to this again. The ad-libs in the final chorus is where she shines again. “You’re so ridiculouOOOUUUUSS!”

3. Sippin’ On Sunshine (Avril Lavigne)
(Truth be told, I always forget this song existed in the album. It’s quite a bop actually, especially the Wheee huuu eeee huuuu part. But I just can’t stand how much her vocal was ruined during the verses, that messy autotune. Such a crime!)

– “lyrics that are very Mandy Moore circa 1999 but the melody is fantastic and it’s a great summer anthem”
-“favourite new Avril discovery. Why aren’t there more like this? She could release it as a summer single and gain a million new fans”
-“Basically, this is summer and joy and irreverence packed into a flawless piece of music that should soundtrack everything in the world, ever. It never, ever fails to put a huge smile on my face, and for this Avril, I salute you”.

1. I Love You (Goodbye Lullaby)
(Never my favourite song. Kinda cheesy but at the same time, Avril has this very sweet tone to carry the song, which is rare. I can only wonder who she was singing about in this song though)

-“the verses are so vapid it hurts. The chorus is OK at best”
– “loves Avril’s soft tone in this”
-How bubbly and uplifting is this? Such a beautiful scripture about loving someone for who they are is mused upon us by an angel. It’s when you reach that point in a relationship where you are truly comfortable with the other person, having been through all of the ups and downs and coming out stronger on the other end

2. Stop Standing There (Goodbye Lullaby) live version
(She’s such a romantic person at heart, despite her brashness and boldness. Just go through all the songs she wrote all by herself (this being one of them), they’re all actually very down to earth, sweet and of course, the ballads can be quite heartbreaking at times. I’m not very fond of this track but the concert-goers seem to love it when she performed this on piano)

-“Avril goes vaguely low-fi/indie and, unsurprisingly shines”
-“a fun throwback to the girl groups of the 50s and 60s”

Avril Lavigne – Bratty songs

**(Instead of just writing my thoughts, I’d like to share what others think of the songs, taken from popjustice forum when they were ranking Avril’s discography. I basically share the same sentiments as most of them. My thoughts will be in italic)

Now that we’re done with the ANGRY songs, it’s time for some BRATTY and downright annoying ones.
** Click on the titles to listen.

And what other album if not The Best Damn Thing! It’s filled from top to bottom with fun songs and of course, the annoying childish tunes like Girlfriend etc…(if we ignore the ballads). It’s actually my go-to album if I need some fun tracks to listen to that rocks and personally, most of the songs are my guilty pleasure xD It’s not an album I can listen to repeatedly though but it works if it’s a one-time thing. Also, I seriously would recommend this to heartbroken peeps out there because the songs on here, it’ll make you feel better. Absolutely!

Avril Lavigne The Best Damn Thing Mark Liddell Photoshoot Los Angeles, CA 01/08/07BRATTY LEVEL 5/5

(Needs no more introduction, this song takes the crown. I don’t support the idea of stealing other people’s boyfriends or girlfriends and as much as I sort of detest this song, I still have to admit, it’s friggin’ catchy and so easy to sing along to! My sis bopped to this song in the car and she’s not even a fan xD According to Avril, the song didn’t have an actual meaning, as in the song was just made out of pure fun and she wrote the chorus in like 2 mins so go figure I guess xD)

– “Say what you want about this, but ‘Girlfriend’ is a fucking beast of a track. In your face, catchy, poppy and fun from start to end”
– “Finally something fun again! WHAT a jam. This is still pure stupid fun all these many years later
– “this would still be a 5Mill+ selling single if it was released today, and it might be a brash statement but I DO think that it opened a doorway to artists like Kesha, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift-2.0-POPversion”
– “one of her most annoying and childish songs and yet… and I kinda love it. The clapping, the chants, the giggling, the stamping,… Hook after hook after hook. When I hear it, it’s always lodged firmly in my brain. And I actually think she’s having fun on this one…”
– “A total apocalyptic nuclear bomb of a pop single, devastating everything in its path”

I Can Do Better
(She was drunk with Lemoncello while recording this (as proven in the Making of), hence the line “I will drink as much Lemoncello as I can” in the lyrics. As bratty and harsh this song might be, I still think it’s a good girl power song to be confident of yourself. I also sort of like that ending where she shouted ‘HUghhh!!! And laughed hysterically afterwards, most probably still drunk lmao)

– “I Hate you now so go away” is an amazing chorus lyric. Avril is such a basic woman in all the best ways. I sing this song without fail when drinking limonchello”
– In the same vein as Girlfriend, just not as good
– “Good break up song but not single material”
– “Shouty and dumb and bratty and surprisingly fun”
– “effortlessly keeps up the breakneck pace generated by the preceding track – and nobody does a kiss-off track quite like Avril
– “I always forget about this song. Sing it, ‘vril. I actually like how she sounds vaguely drunk during the verses, like the whole song is set during a drunken barfight. The adlibs near the end got it an extra point”
(That’s because she WAS DRUNK while recording this! LOLLLL)


Everything Back But You
A pretty basic song about the anger felt from discovering a cheat
“hurts my ears. What even is this?” (LOL)
“There’s a lot to like here, but her voice sounds so strained and almost a little flat to my ears. Pretty unusual for Avril. The ‘I wish you were her’ part is a fun anecdote for a song, though”
– “A tad too bratty to achieve true excellence, but nonetheless thrilling”
“This is kind of a mess but still a song I want to scream when I’m mad” (TRUTH)
– “I’ve always loved the lyric “I wish you were her, you left out the E” it’s just so bizarre and amazing. The franticness really works for this song and the chorus switch up and switchback is genuinely quite good
– “I love her for carrying on the ‘He Wasn’t’ tradition of flawlessly fun breakup anthems. Shouty choruses are the best, and this is exactly how it’s done. “Bitch! Slut! Psycho babe! IHATEYOUWHYAREGUYSSOLAME?!?!?!?!” One of my fave Avril moments, ever”

(She probably cursed all the way through the song I believe! Avril, watch your language please! I agree it’s not a strong track and feels like a filler and seriously, this is not a song I will play around my parents lol)

I Don’t Have To Try
– Those opening sequences are likely cringe-worthy to most and she gives us borderline-metal rock vocals at times. The slaying guitars of Sum 41 fame are head bopping to me and this is catchy as hell: “Anything I wanna do, anything I’m gonna do, anything I wanna do, I do” and it makes me crazy with energy.
– “With this and the even more batshit amazing “Hello Kitty” in her back catalogue, Avril really needs to do a ‘just for the LOLZ’ EP of Peaches/Ke$ha/Uffie-esque electro-rap gems
– “Very No Doubt, if it wasn’t for the rest of the album consisting of the same 3 chord guitar riffs this might have been a stand out”
– “Lord. Is this the Best or Worst Song ever? I don’t fuckin’ know. “I WEAR THE PANTS!” That fucking bridge, God”

(It’s one of those songs that can either drive you crazy with hate or love. I’m actually listening to this now and I’m laughing my ass off during the middle 8 OH GOD that was hilarious! The part where she ad-libs and shouted “ARGHHH!!!!!!! 100x” Yeah, Avril, you don’t have to even try to sing, just SHOUT! I’m actually suspecting she could also be drunk during the recording.)

 Bad Girl feat. Marilyn Manson (Avril Lavigne)
(She literally called Marilyn Manson up at 4 am in the morning and asked him to come over to the studio to check out this new song. So he came and agreed to this collaboration. IMO, I kind of like this song. It’s the only actual rock song in the album, even Rock N Roll or Here’s To Never Growing Up don’t come close to this, those songs use fake-sounding drums. And I still can’t believe my ear when Avril sang “You can fuck me, you can play me” O_O Avril just turned 100% slutty here, it’s something new and I actually sort of like it. Of course, it doesn’t mean I support the action, but this is a song (a form of artsy type at that) and the point of this song is to talk about what a bad girl Avril is and they literally pushed it to the edge with this one. I don’t hate this song at all, if anything, I’d give this a 8/10 because I just love how crazy this song is!)

-“I’m offended at the idea of Marilyn being Avril’s “daddy” to her baby girl”
– “Can you believe Marilyn Manson used to be super cool and closed the VMAs and shit? I’m gonna go listen to Beautiful People again instead of this”
– “yummy and rocky”
– “Sluttly Lavigne is definitely present on this album. She wants action and she’s gonna get it. Not a popular opinion probably, but I love this. I always consider this as the bratty, confident prelude to the more demure Give You What You Like…”
– “I really enjoy how batshit crazy this song is. I know the ridiculous production is intentional (they mix her voice until it sounds like an actual electric guitar at points) but the insane reverb in the choruses is a bit too much. Getting Marilyn Manson to show up and basically yell “one two three four!” and then fuck off is pretty genius to me”



The Best Damn Thing
– “Obnoxious as anything”
– “Hey! Hey! Hey! The relation between the letters and their assigned words is a little sketchy, but who can resist a song in which the artist spells out their own name cheerleader-style? Not me!”
– She really nailed that bratty-cheerleader aesthetic and this song goes above the image, bringing it into the song”
– “Another great cheerleader bop. I love the cheeky lyrics and the in your face chorus”

(It’s bratty and damn annoying but what can I say, I sort of enjoy it a little?)

 He Wasn’t (UMS)
– The classic “screw off” jam from Avril
– This is pretty much the blueprint for most of The Best Damn Thing, isn’t it? And what a flawless direction to go in…”

I Always Get What I Want (Bonus Track in Under My Skin)
– “Another one I’ve never heard before, sounds more rocky than her usual, it’s ok but sounds a bit try-hard to me”
– “this song is so forced and inane it’s cringe worthy”
– “Doesn’t this song make you feel fantastic about life? No? Just me? Okay, then…I do see why it’s a bonus track, because it’s almost too much fun for the album. My money’s on this one for the song I’ll throw major points at and nobody else will like. Also, the amazing/awful Princess Diaries mattress surfing scene must not go unmentioned”

(This song did nothing much for me and it still baffled me why she performed this a LOT during her tours. Anyways, it deserves the status of bonus track then)

bazuhd2cuam5a3w-largeHello Kitty (Avril Lavigne)
– “Christ, what was she doing here? Like what was the point of this? Video is good for a laugh though”
– “I quite like this, it’s definitely a departure for Avril though”
– “You can’t deny this is a brilliant song of the moment, despite the video and uproar”
– Still, who can argue with lyrics like “someone chuck a cupcake at me!”? That’s wisdom right there”.
– “Like a fat kid on a pack of smarties. Me, circa 2005. Life anthem”
– “HELLO KITTY HELLO KITTY YOU SO SILLY. An easy ten, who else is going to release this? Forget the ‘racism’ bullshit that people pull to try and pull the song down, there’s something special in this song. A fearlessness and complete brashness that only Avril will ever do in the public eye. I fucking love her”
– “Wonderfully weird song no one would have ever expected from her. She’s chanelling Ke$ha in this song and that can only be a good thing. Techno-dubstep-pop at its ridiculous best right here!

(Her love for Japan awww …apparently, she has 2 rooms in her house filled with Hello Kitty stuffs, this girl is obsessed! The song doesn’t make sense though so it’s just purely for fun. I actually like some of the lyrics in this, for example that “Like a fat kid on a pack of smarties, someone chuck a cupcake at me” line is brilliant! I understand the hate though, who else would think Avril venture and experiment with techno? NO ONE! But she did anyway! So you go girl! My favourite part of the song is the bridge “Come come kitty kitty, you’re so pretty pretty, don’t go, kitty, kitty, stay with me” That part always gives me some sort of adrenaline rush I don’t know why! The chorus is the weakest part.)



What The Hell (Goodbye Lullaby)
(My reason to put this here is because I personally don’t think this song is bratty, in fact, I think it’s a song where once in a while, you just feel the need to unleash yourself from the restraints in a relationship, like have an alone time or something. Don’t you just go WHAT THE HELL! sometimes and do something fun and crazy for once? Rumor has it that she was practically forced to release this song because it’s radio-friendly, instead of the more gloomy tracks she was aiming for, she had this whole feud issue with her RCA label back then regarding the direction of the album.)

– to sound so utterly convincing on a song that she admitted she was basically forced to release
– “Total Bop! Don’t even care how basic it is, it’s fab!”
– “Whooaaaaaahhhhhh what a tune!
– “I can’t put into words how much of an absolute masterclass in pop music this is. This HAD to have been a left over from the last album because it sounds like it was torn straight from it, and it sticks out like a sore thumb on the album, but it’s really Avril smashing back with another ‘Could have been a Taylor Swift masterpiece’


You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet (Avril Lavigne)
– “Nothing special but sounds great after the two songs that preceded it”.
– ‘Avril’ pop rock amid the melting pot of styles on this album, yet Avril is incapable of failing to convince on every spat-out lyric”

(It’s pretty generic and forgettable to be honest, oops)

 Take It (B-side)
(The rush in this song though…oh she wrote this song to complain about the paparazzi, at least it actually has an actual real-life topic? Not bratty really, in fact, I feel sorry for her to be hounded by those press in every corner.)

– “This is more exciting than half of Under My Skin”
– “good for a B-Side”

Avril Lavigne – Perfect songs for outlet of teen angst

I’ve always wanted to do this!!! To list down all of her angry songs. So here they are! This also includes some of her B-sides which are too good to be left unknown! ***(Next post will be the BRATTY ones haha) 30158483e174b0_fullDarkest and angriest? A perfect example would be from her moody sophomore, Under My Skin. That album is depressing as hell and I honestly can’t listen to it twice in a row. It made me wonder just how did she record them and the writing process must be quite gloomy overall. She was probably in a dark phase during that era, she can’t go any darker than this album. Which probably spawned her desire to have more fun onstage instead of performing these miserable angry songs and hence, the birth of TBDT. But we still love us some Angry Avril once in a while, don’t we?

(Instead of just writing my thoughts, I’d like to share what others think of the songs, taken from popjustice forum when they were ranking Avril’s discography. I basically share the same sentiments as most of them. My thoughts will be in italic)

*Click on the title to listen to the songs

Anger Level 5/5

Together (UMS)
-feels like “angry teenager listening to this”
– “this is the most Alanis she has ever sounded”
– “Evanescence-esque pianos & haunting vocals that are used to great effect here”

(man, how weird it was to listen to the songs on Under My Skin in the car with my sister, she must be thinking “Avril is one angry kid” She asked me to burn a copy of this album for her though lol)

Forgotten (UMS)
– “Was this a Marilyn Manson collab? It’s very eerie, would work well in a musical”
– “rocky and superb chorus that hold the song together”
– loves how dark and angry the song is
– “Grunge Avril knocks what is a fairly inane song completely out the park, she doesn’t overuse the guitars (for once) and the contrast between the gentle verses and the rousing chorus is excellent”| – “combination of Angry Avril, piano, and exploding guitars riffs”

Unwanted (Let Go)
– “Most angsty song on the album. It contains lyrics that some of us certainly can relate to. It was rumoured that she wanted the whole album to sound like this and I’m kinda glad they went with the more poppy sound instead”
– “Another perfect example of grunge Avril at her finest, I MISS GRUNGE AVRIL
– ” Very bratty in the lyrics but musically I think it’s one of the mature songs she’s ever done. The chorus is great and the production is epic”

Losing Grip (Let Go)
– “One of my fave Lavigne songs, It’s so grungy, her voice sounds glorious on the chorus and I felt so cool as a kid when I knew the words to a ‘Heavy Metal’ song”
– “The angry girl anthems work best when she takes things way over the top. Go big or go home, you know?”
– “I kind of miss these kind of vocals from Avril, you can really here the teenage desperation in the song. I adore the crash into the chorus”
– “a low key bop, it doesn’t get the love that it should. That middle 8 when she screams “…LOUD, OPEN YOUR EYES, OPEN UP WIDE” surrounded by the restrained lines before and after it are rather brilliant”

(I recalled going to the store to purchase this album and they let you try the album first before buying. So this song came first and I was literally thinking “Are they playing the right album?” Coz to to be honest, I didn’t expect Avril to be this rock back then LOL)

Get Over It (B-side)
– Avril’s vocals are so striking at times, especially every time she emphasizes that “DON’T!” It’s pretty obvious we have another “piss off” anthem on our hands
– “Did she just say “You filthy rotten hound”?
– “the swelling strings, the building nature of the song, this song is everything I love about Avril, it’s like I’m With You’s angry twin”

(Personally, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this track, it’s one of my favourite B-sides of hers and that Filthy rotten hound lyrics get me every single time! The violins!) Avril-Lavigne-Under-My-Skin-Album-PromoshootAnger Level 3/5
Take Me Away (UMS)
(To be perfectly honest with you, I still don’t understand what she’s trying to convey with this track to this day, like…here she is singing about not letting her word hurt the other person and can’t handle a confusing relationship? Was she fed up with a relationship? Why was she asking to be taken away?)

– It’s perfect, the angsty chorus is a great contrast to the softer verses and middle 8. It’s a great pop rock song and very underrated”
– “Perfect album opener. Angsty lyrics against those guitars that come crashing in when she starts singing the chorus, it’s like they’re pushing her against a wall and she’s trying to get out of their grip. Fantastic song!”

My Happy Ending (UMS)
(This is less angry actually, I feel like she’s channeling more of her frustration and disappointment more than hurling anger at the messed up bf. I LOVE this song (probably my Top 5! I think it’s ingrained in almost everyone’s brain after the release, still remains a classic).

– “loved the lyrics about dumb friends”
– “Your friends are so stupid. Ohmygoddd. Super dramatic and super catchy. Back when she was actually being a teenager and not just singing about being one”
– “All the shit that you do” That was the sound of me becoming a rebellious teen and thinking I was cool hearing someone swear and so I tried to do it.
– “vulnerable and defiant in equal measures, which pretty much sums up Avril’s unique appeal as a recording artist”

Don’t Tell Me (UMS)
– “This was a great single for her and a perfect introduction to Under My Skin. You could tell an underlying angst in this song as the vibe that would be established by the album itself”
– The opening piano makes it seem cheesier than it actually is. The song’s message is great and in particular the “don’t think that your charm and the fact that your arm is now around my neck” bit does things to me….

(Love the theme for this song, GIRL POWERRR!)

Alone feat. Travis Baker on drums (B-side)
– “it should have been on the album”
– “almost as catchy as Girlfriend” and “better than a lot of stuff on the regular edition”
– “Whoever relegated this to B-side status really failed hard. You get Max Martin on board, write a massive chorus—and then give the song the single treatment. Not leave it off the album. Idiots”
– “Another showcase of mastering the art of making fun gems. ‘Alone’ was on high rotation in my car for weeks, and my neighbours hated it because I put it so friggin’ loud, they couldn’t even hear their thoughts, haha”

(Another one of my favourite B-sides. Seriously, some of her B-sides are literally album worthy. I just love how loud and sort of bratty and fun this song is, I did the same thing as that last guy, I blasted it in my house when my parents were out xD, my neighbours were probably annoyed but whatever). Avril-Lavigne-Under-My-Skin-Album-Promoshoot-2_large Anger rate 1/5
I Don’t Give (B-side)
(I just love how fun this song is, the catchy guitar intro and the lyrics are so lol you know, very teenage-like but that’s just how she rolls, this was recorded back in the Let Go era when she was literally just 17 so it makes a lot of sense. And she sang ‘I don’t give a shit*, I don’t give a damn during live concerts haha. Since it’s more of a playful song rather than angry, I put it here)