Siren manga 「サイレーン」

It took about 5 days for the manga I ordered from Kinokuniya to arrive. This is the first time I ordered anything and so I thought the service is actually quite convenient, easy and fast. All you have to do is go to the counter at the Japanese section (or any other section depending on the items you wanted), and tell them or show them a picture of the item/book. That was what I did.

They’ll ask you to fill a form, your name, phone number and really, that’s it!

So today I got a message from them that the items I ordered arrived. I was thinking whether to go today or wait till tomorrow. Couldn’t wait so I went this evening. But I did learn a lesson. Never ever go to the city at rush hour. I should’ve known better. I got stuck in the jam (I drove) for an hour plus before I reached home. Usually, it’d just take about 35 mins.

But anyways, so happy!

Got the last 3 volumes of the manga I wanted. The first 4 are available online for reading. I still need to save some money so I decided to get Vol 2, 3 and 4 in the future.


The first volume was an old one so it didn’t come with the new cover slip. I was hoping the new ones will come with the drama promotion slips and they did!


The final Volume 7 is the thickest and no wonder it costs a little bit more than the rest too.

I will be indulging myself with these for the whole week I guess lolz…the drama itself hasn’t even started. Another 10 days. I don’t mind spoiling myself with the plot since if I read the original material, when I watch the drama later, I can go “Oh, I recognize this scene! Oh they used the same lines as in the manga!”


Kinokuniya haul

Made a short trip to Kinokuniya KLCC just now. After I finished Sharp Objects, I’m yearning for something new so did a little survey and bought two new novels.

Kimberly McCreight – Where They Found Her
Celeste Ng – Everything I Never Told You

I first read Kimberly’s debut novel, Reconstructing Amelia and that was really good. So I’m hoping her second work will do as well (reviews are favorable).

DSC06934I also got a grammar workbook for N3.

The manga is Siren by Yamazaki Sayaka. One of the fall dramas is adapting it so I’m just intrigued. I saw some of it online but I think I’m gonna collect all 7 volumes. At least it’s finished and not too many volumes (which can be very expensive). Kinokuniya only has the first 3 volumes in stock. So I ordered the last 3 volumes. Apparently, they’ll reach in a week’s time. I hope the new ones will come with the drama’s slip.


Sharp Objects by Gillian Fynn

sharp-objectsI just finished reading this Sharp Objects novel by Gillian Flynn. She’s none other than the creator of Gone Girl, that movie everyone was talking about a while ago. She has 3 novels so far, Sharp Objects (her debut), Dark Places (also adapted into movie recently) and Gone Girl (the more famous one).

After reading Sharp Objects, I find the latter two really mild compared to her debut. It really left a bigger impact on me. This one. The twist might not be as clever as Gone Girl (which was pretty genius) and not as violent as Dark Places, but it’s the sinister atmosphere that stays intact throughout the novel. What’s more shocking is the portrayal of evil little kids. These 13 year olds are some of those brats you don’t wanna screw with, ever in your life.

The way she depicts them is really bold and definitely unrestrained. Disturbing is not even enough to describe it. It was an easier read as things flow more smoothly but not to say it was easy to swallow. No. I couldn’t help imagining all the things described in this book and wondered whether it was even fine to do so. I like how things are also more focused in this novel.

Small towns and its dark secrets. Nothing new about that. But the culture among the young teens is definitely not the least healthy and the fact that the towns people chose to ignore the darker sides of these kids were unfathomable. I’m trying not to include too many spoilers. But seriously, this book. Go read it now.

I read it’s going to be adapted into TV show soon. I hope HBO takes it for more freedom and creativity control. It’s not one of those shows normal cables can handle. If they’re going to do this, they need to do it right and all the way. Just like the book. But choosing the right people to act as the characters might be a headache. The lead herself embraces self-torture and while she’s smart and edgy, she’s also very vulnerable with troubled past with an over-protective mother. Her younger 13 year old sister will prove a bigger challenge. I’m not sure how many kids that young can really portray this nasty character and pull it off convincingly. Nevertheless, looking forward to this.

Sicario [impressions]


Is it just me or anyone else find the tagline ‘In Mexico, Sicario means hitman’ kinda cheesy…


Just watched Sicario today. Thought of whipping up a review or rather, my impressions on it here. I figured I have things I wanna praise but also the weak links that made it less compelling, but still worth watching.

So let’s talk about the good stuffs first.

The movie basically sells on its gripping suspense, which I do have to say, works like a charm from the opening scene itself. I don’t even normally get surprised by shock value in horror movies but I admit, I did get one or two jolts in this movie. Look out for that explosion during the raid scene in the beginning. I was totally anticipating it since the director gave us few hints by showing the basement several times and long shots of the corpse as well as the officers. I knew something like an explosion would come but the timing got me. It just happened faster than I thought and before I knew it, I shuddered for a bit.

Speaking of suspense, there were quite a number of long lingering scenes with silence that made the atmosphere all the more uneasy and eerie. I do like those. It’s also very grim, sprinkled with few humorous lines just to let us chill a bit before getting down to business. Justice is not black and white in this movie. It’s a thin line and I’ll get to Kate’s (Emily Blunt) role in this soon but basically, I do like that they’re not giving us all the ‘justice crap’. No, this movie gives us glimpses of the horror inflicted on the people across the border, Mexico where the cartels are in control. They kill and mutilate anyone without mercy and the cops are getting nowhere near to annihilate them.

I like the cinematography. I appreciate all the focus they had on Emily Blunt’s face because that’s exactly her role in the movie. She’s an observer. We see this ‘new world’ from her eyes and we feel what she feels because when she flinches, we flinch, when she’s in distress, we are too. Her facial expressions are mostly well done, she did quite magnificently in conveying her emotions.

However, I feel that’s also part of the weakness in this movie. I understand that the screenwriter most probably did this deliberately to make us see the world in her eyes. So we’re also in the black like her most of the time for ¾ of the movie. Even though she was in control in the beginning as she led a raid to save a kidnapped family, after she ‘volunteered’ herself to join a new team in Mexico to take down a cartel boss, she was totally lost. Nobody told her what their ‘true mission’ was or what she was actually supposed to even be doing in the team. She was basically like an extra baggage. Of course, afterwards, her role was revealed to be necessary in the team only to make sure their actions would end up as ‘legal’ by the end of the day.

I can’t help but feel Emily Blunt was slightly underused in the movie. As far as I can tell, both Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro were in total control and they absolutely shone. Emily was great too but due to the lack of her ‘active-role’ in the movie, I felt her talents were slightly wasted but it’s still one of her best works. The final confrontation with the cartel boss was pretty quick too, which is good and bad in a way. As it turned out, Emily didn’t even have anything to do at the end except sign a damn piece of paper to ‘legalize’ all their missions and it all boiled down to Del Toro’s revenge.

At the end of the day, they’re selling the movie by using Emily Blunt as poster girl (she was brilliant for what her character had to do though it felt underwhelming) while the real ones doing the work are Brolin and Del Toro. Speaking of actions, the ones you see in the trailers were basically just about it. Then again, the movie’s selling point is suspense, not action.





「IOI MALL」 行きました。そしてたくさんの材料買った。




















この間、一日で「VOL 1」全部読んでました。





Random pics S023

The morning I was supposed to leave for Kuching, that was yesterday, I accidentally sprained my ankle. Forced myself to drive to the pharmacy to get painkiller because in just 3 hours, I needed to catch a flight and I didn’t think I could endure the pain. The painkiller wasn’t almighty but it did suppress the ache so somehow, I managed to limp my way through the airport, into the plane and reached home safely. To the comforts of my family. Nothing beats family, to be honest.

Well, what an unfortunate incident and because of that, I needed to recuperate for at least couple of days at home. Music did help lighten up my spirits during the flight though, namely, Namie Amuro’s newly released album this week, ‘_genic’ which showcased a more compact and focused EDM music, which in my free time, I’ll whip up a review soon.

Last night, we went for dinner and this teddy belongs to my nephew. He brings it everywhere.

DSC06646I sort of kidnapped it for a few shots. DSC06650Frog porridge >.<

DSC06675Some snaps from our garden.


DSC06690 DSC06693 DSC06694 DSC06696 DSC06706Apparently this is one of my sister’s favourite home made dish, simple fried anchovies. DSC06719 DSC06727

Well, that’s all for now. My right foot is now blown up to the size of an elephant’s it’s ugly. Worst sprain ever.